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Preliminaries of a Research Proposal

13 December 2018 Author :  

The preliminary section contains introductory materials that act as pointers to information in the text. But they are not themselves reading the materials. These include:

PP. 1 Research Title
A title is an accurate and discrete description of the scope and content of a study in as few words as possible. A manuscript title should be a concise statement of the main title and should identify the actual variables or issues under investigation and relationship between them. A research title should:
i. Be short, precise, concise and clear.
ii. Relate to the subject matter of the proposal.
iii. Be "captivating" or should capture the reader's attention at a glance.
The American Psychological Association (APA 6th ed.) recommends NOT more than 12 words. Amoud University recommends a title of NOT more than “18” words.

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