Examination of Masters and Doctoral Theses

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Submission of Thesis for Examination

1. At least twelve weeks before the end of the fourth and sixth semester for masters and doctoral programmes respectively, a candidate shall give a written notice of intent to submit a thesis to the Dean of SPG&S, through the Supervisor(s). The notice shall be copied to the Dean of the respective Faculty. The notice shall include a dated Abstract not exceeding one (1) page signed by the candidate and countersigned by the Supervisor(s).
2. A thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy must make a distinct contribution to knowledge, show an understanding of the subject and display originality. It must also include a complete bibliography or references to the materials used in its preparation, whether published or otherwise; and it must also conform to the regulations for the submission of thesis at Amoud University.
3. In case a candidate is unable to submit within the stipulated time, then extension can be granted subject to 6.3. (1) of the rules and regulations of SPG&S of Amoud University.
4. Within four (4) weeks after the Notice of Intent to submit a thesis has been issued, the Dean of SPG&S shall nominate one (1) external examiner and three (3) internal examiners to examine the candidate’s thesis, and forward the list of examiners, with appropriate recommendations, to Senate.
5. The dean of faculty (where the candidate comes from) shall appoint in respect of each candidate presenting a thesis, a Board of Examiners consisting of:
i. Dean of the Faculty or his or her representative as Chairperson,
ii. Three Internal Examiners, at least one of whom shall be from the relevant Department,
iii. Candidate’s Supervisor(s),
iv. Senate Representative,
v. A representative from SPG&S,
vi. Two Faculty Representatives.
6. The faculty shall provide Secretariat for the oral defense. The minutes of the oral defense shall be submitted to the Dean of SPG&S, within one week of the defense.
7. Members of the Board of Examiners shall attend the oral defense in person and not send representatives.
8. The Faculty Representatives shall normally be members of the Postgraduate School of Amoud University but preferably not from the same Department/programme as the candidate, while Senate Representative shall not be from the same Faculty. They shall not be required to read the thesis although they shall have access to the thesis and the written assessment reports. The
School of Postgraduate Studies & Research - Rules and Regulations, 2013
representatives shall assess the candidate’s thesis only during Oral Defense.
9. Each candidate shall normally submit five (5) spiral bound copies of his or her thesis to the Dean of SPG&S. The thesis must be prepared according to the format approved by the University and must be signed by the student and the Supervisor(s) and bear the date of submission.
10. The Dean of SPG&S shall distribute copies of the thesis to the Internal and External Examiners. The three Internal Examiners and the External Examiner shall be required to examine the thesis and submit detailed reports to the Dean of SPG&S copied to the Academic Registrar, within four (4) weeks for a masters thesis and eight (8) weeks of doctoral thesis from the date of dispatch of the thesis.
11. Reports from the External and Internal Examiners shall normally be circulated to Senate approved members of Board of Examiners at the oral defense.
12. Each Examiner shall indicate within his or her detailed report:
i. Whether or not the thesis is adequate in form and content;
ii. Whether or not the thesis reflects an adequate understanding of the subject or adds new knowledge in the subject area and in consequence;
iii. Whether or not the thesis needs corrections; and
iv. Whether the candidate should be awarded the degree or not.
13. When an Examiner’s report is delayed for more than two (2) and three (3) months for a masters thesis and doctoral thesis respectively, a new Examiner shall be appointed.

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