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Co-ordinate the admission of postgraduate students, the conduct of postgraduate programmes including examinations and recommends to Senate awards of postgraduate certificates, diplomas and degrees.

of the SPG&S are to:

Co-ordinate Postgraduate academic programmes from Faculties/Schools and ensure rules and regulations relating to postgraduate studies are strictly adhered to

Negotiate for funding and co-ordinate the distribution of funds for SPGSR Grant Scheme.
Organize and co-ordinate seminars, Inaugural and Public lecture series.
Publish and disseminate research findings and ensure that patent and other intellectual property rights are secured where appropriate.
Co-ordinate mailer pertaining to the welfare of postgraduate students and create a conducive environment for the conduct of graduate studies.
Make recommendations for award of scholarships, fellowships, and assistant-ships whenever such awards are available.
Establish and maintain linkages with like minded institutions locally and internationally

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  • Email: spgsr@amouduniversity.org
  • Hotline: +252 63 4457510

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