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13 December 2018
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1. Candidates shall be required to pass in all the prescribed courses in a given programme. The pass mark shall be 50%.

2. Assessment at the end of the coursework shall consist of:
i. A written examination which shall normally constitute 60% of the total marks in each course.
ii. Continuous assessment based on essays, laboratory assignments and such other tests as may be prescribed by the faculty. This will normally constitute 40% of the total marks.
3. A candidate who fails a prescribed course in the first year shall be eligible to re-take the course when next scheduled. Re-takes shall not be taken more than two times in one course. Prescribed courses include core, pre-requisite or elective courses as specified in the academic programmes.
4. A candidate who fails more than 50% of the courses taken in an academic year hall be discontinued.
5. Continuous assessment marks shall count towards a re-take course.
6. A candidate who, for valid reasons such as sickness, fails to sit an examination shall be allowed to sit for the examination when next scheduled. Medical cases must be supported by documents from a recognized Medical Officer.
7. Students are free to take extra courses over and above the prescribed number of units and shall be given a grade, which shall normally be reflected on their transcripts. Students are also free to take audited courses with the
School of Postgraduate Studies & Research - Rules and Regulations, 2013
approval of the Lecturer concerned or Dean of Faculty. Audited courses shall not contribute to grading.
8. A candidate who fails an extra course shall not be penalized as long as the candidate passes the prescribed units.
9. The procedure for submission and examination of thesis shall be as outlined in sections 10.3 of these Rules and Regulations.
10. A candidate must pass both end of semester examinations and thesis to be awarded a masters degree. The scores in each course shall be rated, graded and classified as follows:
Percentage Score
Letter Grade
Grade Point (GP)
85 - 100
70 – 84
60 – 69
50 – 59
Below 50
Class of Certificate
1.00 – 4.00
Below 1.00
Note. CGPA = Cumulative Grade Point Average.
11. Names of candidates who have submitted hard-bound copies as described in 10.3.3 (3-7) shall be tabled to the Board of SPG&S, together with copies of the bound dissertations, electronic copies of the dissertations and minutes of the respective Oral Defense. The Board shall inspect the bound dissertations, and once satisfied, shall recommend the successful candidates to Senate for the award of the respective Masters Degrees, taking into consideration other requirements in respect of coursework.

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