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13 December 2018
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1. Candidates enrolled for PGD programmes shall be required to pass in all courses they registered for and in their projects. The pass mark shall be 50%.

2. Assessment at the end of a course shall consist of:
i. A written examination, which shall normally constitute 60% of the total marks in each course.
ii. Faculties may prescribe laboratory assignments, continuous assessment based on essays, and such other tests. This shall normally constitute 40% of the total marks.
3. A candidate who fails a prescribed course shall be eligible to re-take the course when next offered.
4. A candidate who fails more than 50% of the courses taken in an academic year shall be discontinued.
5. The project report shall be submitted before the University examinations scheduled in the second semester of the academic year of study.
6. The project report shall be marked by an appointed Internal Examiner and presented for final assessment to an External Examiner with coursework examinations.
7. The project report shall be assessed out of a maximum of 100 marks. A candidate who fails in the project shall be given opportunity to re-submit another project report.
8. A candidate, who for valid reasons such as sickness, fails to sit for an examination, shall be allowed to sit for the examination when next scheduled.
9. A candidate must pass both semester examinations and project to be awarded the PGD. The scores in each course shall be rated and graded as follows:
Percentage Score
Letter Grade
Grade Point (GP)
85 - 100
70 – 84
60 – 69
50 – 59
Below 50
10. The certificate shall be classified as follows:
Class of Certificate
3.50 – 4.00
Pass with Distinction
2.70 – 3.49
Pass with Upper Credit
2.00 – 2.29
Pass with Lower Credit
1.00 – 1.99
Below 1.00
Note. CGPA = Cumulative Grade Point Average.
11. The Deans of the respective Faculties shall forward names of candidates who have met their coursework and projects requirements to the Board of SPG&S. The Board of SPG&S shall deliberate on the results and other related matters, and recommend the successful candidates to Senate for the award of the respective Diplomas.

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